Show Notes Episode 72 – Amit Goswami: Quantum Spirituality and World Healing

Much of our world appears to be stuck in antiquated thinking based on scientific materialism and fundamentalist approaches to religion

Looking through the lens of quantum physics, however, allows us to look at the world in more healthy, healing and holistic ways… but how do we get there?

Paul has discussed quantum physics a great deal on his Living 4D podcast, most recently in his series on the Pain Teacher.

This week, Paul talks to world-renowned theoretic quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami, a former professor of physics at the University of Oregon, and Dr. Valentina Onisor about quantum physics and how it can restore morality and healing back to science, in this very special Living 4D episode.

Learn more about Amit’s work as a theoretical quantum physicist at as well as his Quantum Activism Vishwalayam program in India with Valentina. You can also follow their work via social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Show Notes

  • Reconciling the divide among scientists about quantum physics. (5:39)
  • Potential oneness. (11:08)
  • Before his involvement with quantum physics, Amit was a staunch materialist. (17:58)
  • How Valentina found her way to medicine, better ways of healing and, eventually, working with Amit. (21:16)
  • How do we get morality back into science? (26:00)
  • Allowing consciousness to thrive within science β€” as quantum physics compels us to do β€” opens up new avenues for healing people. (31:42)
  • Consciousness is much more than just our brain. (38:18)
  • The consciousness of plants. (45:49)
  • How scientific materialism is hurting our planet. (49:48)
  • A definition of intuition. (53:08)
  • Archetypes: Fundamental elements of consciousness. (56:26)
  • The importance of myth for our growth, development and survival. (1:01:45)
  • β€œAny archetype is a journey toward finding its real nature.” (1:06:56)
  • The mental health paradigm is a negative one that needs to change. (1:12:28)