Show Notes Episode 71 – Paul Chek: Shamanic Approaches and the Chek Strategy for Healing Pain

If you’ve been following Paul’s series about the Pain Teacher, you have a far better understanding about how it manifests in your life, but how do you work with it to achieve the goals and dreams you want for your life?

Paul explains how to benefit from these insights you’ve learned and improve your life by using his proven 1-2-3-4 approach that honors the Pain Teacher in the conclusion of this Living 4D podcast series.

Show Notes

  • Your one love, dream or goal. (4:37)
  • Do you make changes consciously or unconsciously? (15:52)
  • Defining the ego. (27:00)
  • Our ego is a very important illusion. (36:22)
  • Locate the shadow in yourself by identifying judgments you hold against others. (46:56)
  • “The soul is a silent guide until you learn how to speak to it.” (57:15)
  • The yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies. (1:08:43)
  • Five questions a Shaman will ask you. (1:13:37)
  • Balance in relation to the 4 Doctors and yin and yang. (1:32:39)
  • Your workout is really an idea. (1:40:36)
  • “No one is strong or fast enough to do anything meaningful in the world of alone.” (1:54:22)
  • Could poor nutrition/food quality contribute to your physical pain? (1:58:23)
  • People participate in “isms” when they have no healthy mythology guiding their lives. (2:18:16)
  • The Pain Teacher reminds people often about the different kinds of rest they need. (2:23:19)
  • The three choices you make in relation to any person, place or thing. (2:34:11)
  • How the 4 Doctors connect to your values. (2:42:42)
  • “The Pain Teacher makes us aware of what we’re creating, which is often the opposite of what we actually want.” (2:49:21)
  • Humans have unique agents of consciousness. (2:57:47)
  • “Pain inspires us to go beyond our ego to gain contact with and guidance from our soul.” (3:04:09)