Show Notes Episode 60 – Paul Chek: Tips to Achieve Integral Consciousness (and Why You Want to Achieve it)

What does true freedom really mean to you?

Is it merely getting what you want out of life, or being the best person you can be, who inspires others and gives back to the world?

Discover the elements and power of integral consciousness and what you can do to be the real change in the world.

Show Notes

  • The definition of true freedom. (7:29)
  • Why do people get sick even when they do their best to stay healthy? (12:44)
  • Tips for engaging archaic consciousness. (23:05)
  • Clay can be used for medicinal detoxification and creating a grounding effect for your body. (29:12)
  • Put enough psychic energy into a stone and it can โ€œwake upโ€ and become conscious. (37:11)
  • The importance of water and hydration. (45:11)
  • How the sun is linked to archaic consciousness. (51:34)
  • Developing a relationship with a plant is a safe way to learn how to love. (1:00:09)
  • Engaging magic consciousness. (1:11:50)
  • The link between magic consciousness and the reptilian brain system. (1:21:48)
  • Problems with the story gap. (1:29:27)
  • Living your myth. (1:32:57)
  • โ€œThe mental level of consciousness can either free and connect you or bind and debilitate you.โ€ (1:37:05)
  • God: The most dangerous idea. (1:47:07)
  • Listen to your heart before your head or ego. (1:53:27)
  • Integral consciousness: The pinnacle of human consciousness. (2:01:18)
  • Wake up, grow up, clean up and show up. (2:15:08)
  • Be aware of your ECHO. (2:21:52)