Show Notes Episode 58 – Nir Eyal: Digital Technology – Bondage or Freedom?

Are you struggling to find the time to be productive and be present with the people in your life who really matter?

No time is wasted time so long as you have a plan, one of the many nuggets of wisdom you’ll discover in Paul’s latest Living 4D conversation with Nir Eyal, author of the new book Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life.

And, if you want to see for yourself why Paul recommends Indistractable, Nir is offering a FREE 80-page workbook that will help you better manage your life and time

Learn more about Nir’s work at and find him on Twitter at @nireyal.

Show Notes

  • Nir believes the world is getting better and technology is facilitating this, so long as it’s not getting the best of us. (7:32)
  • The regret test measures the differences between coercion and persuasion. (10:21)
  • Our default bias: What’s new is always scary. (16:04)
  • When kids don’t feel a sense of autonomy, relatedness or competency, they look for it online. (24:30)
  • The lives of kids are so regimented, they have no time for play. (29:05)
  • The mainstream media’s negativity bias. (32:52)
  • Motivated reasoning that mislabels distractions as addictions. (35:37)
  • “Your iPad is not an iNanny.” (43:48)
  • Why Nir wrote Indistractable. (49:00)
  • Why do you keep checking your email, even at the dinner table with your family? (58:10)
  • Social antibodies protect you. (1:05:58)
  • What we can learn from the myth of Tantalus. (1:09:12)
  • When you don’t define with intent what you want to do with your time, everything becomes a distraction. (1:15:17)
  • Your three life domains. (1:24:19)