Scientific Back Training

Welcome to Scientific Back Training! In this course you will learn:

  • How the functional anatomy of the torso, extremities and inner and outer unit relationships relate to spinal health.
  • The biomechanical intricacies of trunk stabilization and the importance of strong back stabilization.
  • How to use a control system approach as part of a comprehensive, holistic program for prevention and resolution of back pain.
  • How to perform a joint range of motion assessment on the lower extremities and how joint restriction affects squat technique.
  • How to apply principles of functional anatomy when selecting stretches and exercises for preventing and alleviating back pain.
  • Exercise technique, selection, order of application and modifications for effective program development.

Passing this course will result in the following CECs and CEUs: CHEK Institute 18.0, ACE 1.8, ACSM 18.0, ISSA 16.0, NASM 1.9, NSCA 1.0, AFAA 15.0, Canfitpro 4.0 PTS

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