Primal Pattern Eating

Over the course of this online course, Paul will show you how to identify your own personal eating patterns and adapt the Primal Pattern® Diet to meet your needs. The Primal Pattern® Diet makes healthy eating simple, direct and personal.

Primal Pattern® eating is a key component in Paul’s holistic approach to well-being and vibrant health. Using this simple and effective system, Paul has coached thousands to free themselves from disease and improve their own mental-emotional stability.

It’s a matter of learning:

  • Simple guidelines about what to eat and when
  • How to fine-tune your meals throughout the day
  • Why rotating your food increases your likelihood of enjoying food more
  • Where you can “cheat” without guilt
  • To develop a plan that is right for you

The Primal Pattern® system will show you how to reach these goals, and ultimately greater health, vitality and happiness!

Paul’s unique Primal Pattern® eating system teaches you how to develop a conscious relationship with both your body and your mind. Why is this important Paul’s clinical experience with thousands of people has shown him that adherence to an eating plan that isn’t responsive to the ever-changing range of body-mind needs is a recipe for disaster.

Diets that that are unresponsive to the collective mind-body needs lead to a humiliation of pitfalls that naturally stop one from reaching their intended goals.

Paul’s Primal Pattern® approach will teach you to cultivate healthy relationships with your body, mind, and food – a good recipe for feeling great and looking vibrant!

Primal Pattern® Eating: How to Identify Your Primal Pattern® Diet  includes:

  • 4 multi-part lessons
  • 4 quizzes, one after each lesson
  • Downloadable PDF manual
  • Downloadable questionnaire
  • Certificate of completion

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Once you have completed all 4 lessons and passed all 4 quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion.