Breathing, Posture and Movement

This course teaches you the essentials of optimal breathing mechanics in three lesson. You’ll learn:

  • The different types of respiration
  • Common root causes of Breathing dysfunction
  • The CHEK Totem pole & respiration
  • Common areas of dysfunction caused by faulty breathing mechanics
  • Breathing Pattern disorders
  • Practical assessments of clients respiratory function
  • Practical exercises to correct respiratory disorders

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During the course, Matt Wallden, the presenter mentions a Breathing Pattern Disorder Questionnaire. This is the Nijmegen Questionnaireย  which you can find online using the link. The Nijmegen Questionnaire (NQ) gives a broad view of symptoms associated with dysfunctional breathing patterns. It was introduced over 30โ€…years ago as a screening tool to detect patients with hyperventilation complaints that could benefit from breathing regulation through capnographic feedback.

For more information explaining how the questionnaire should and should not be used (essentially it should be used in conjunction with a more holistic evaluation of the client), visit