Functional Anatomy of the Core

Welcome to Functional Anatomy of the Core! In this course you will learn:

  • The functional anatomy of the abdominal muscles, cervical flexors, psoas and quadratus lumborum
  • The two major support mechanisms a functionally trained abdomen provides to the low back
  • The importance of tongue position during abdominal exercises
  • The function of the abdominal wall and its relationship to the entire kinetic chain
  • The effects of abdominal muscle imbalances
  • Postural considerations for your clients

Passing this course will result in the following CECs and CEUs:ย CHEK 5, NASM 0.5, NSCA 0.5, ISSA 5, Cooper Inst 5.0, AFAA 5.0, REPS Australia/NZ 13, BCRPA 5.0

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