CHEK 4 Quadrant Coaching Mastery Program

Are you fed up with clients and patients who don’t listen… don’t follow through… don’t stick to the program you have carefully designed for them even after they have agreed that they need your help?

How about clients who stick around for a few weeks or a couple of months, but then stop showing up or become MIA, even if they still have paid sessions left with you?

Or maybe you have people who continually chase the latest fad and flit from one silver bullet solution to another, despite your proven successes with clients following your tried-and-tested methods?

If one or more of these painful scenarios has created challenges for you in your profession, practice or business, then the CHEK 4 Quadrant Coaching Mastery Program is what you need.

Here Are Just Some of the Concepts and Techniques You’ll Learn:

  1. Learn the essential qualities and functions of an effective CHEK 4 Quadrant Coach.
  2. Understand how to use holistic (whole brain) thinking for effective problem-solving.
  3. Understand how to apply the CHEK 1-2-3-4 model in your holistic coaching practice.
  4. Learn the function of archetypes as a means of helping identify and manage a client’s dream process.
  5. Explore myths as a means of identifying a client’s story and learn the importance of creating dream-affirmative counter-myths when necessary.
  6. Learn to use the CHEK Dream-line tracking system in your coaching practice.

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