Movement is Life.

Not only can movement improve strength, power, flexibility, stability and endurance but done right it can improve digestion, cultivate energy and even become meditation!
Listen to Paul explain how the CHEK Approach to movement goes beyond the typical mechanical model of the body and how he works with professional athletes to help them recovery from injuries.

What’s the relationship between turf-toe and a shoulder injury? Paul explains in this video in order to highlight how the CHEK Approach to movement goes beyond the typical mechanical model of the human body and kinetics.

This is Functional Anatomy in a way you’ve never seen before…

No, this isn’t doing handstands on Swiss Balls or Parkour on Skyscrapers.

This is true functional fitness because it combines anatomy with biomechanics, developmental biology, breathing, posture and the relationships with the glands and organs to form a powerfully insightful perspective on human movement.

And once you’ve taken the full range of Exercise Coach and CHEK Practitioner courses, you’ll unlock a much deeper range of benefits from exercise. You’ll have insights into the core (especially the spine!) like no one else, truly understand static and dynamic posture, and be able to design programs that maximize results while minimizing the need for gym time.

You’ll see that movement can direct nutrition to parts of the body that need it most… movement can aid in digestion… act as genuine meditation (as opposed to being stuck sitting on the floor for hours)… and give real insights into your infant development, both from a motorskills perspective and an emotional & cognitive perspective.