CrossFit: Trial By FireAlthough the headline may lead you to believe something else, this video is not an attack on CrossFit.

There are many other exercise programs that are no different in their basic makeup. Iโ€™ve seen people trash themselves with every kind of bootcamp or Americanized combat yoga exercise program known to man.

Hereโ€™s my philosophy: Thereโ€™s no such thing as bad exercises or bad exercise systems. Instead, there are only incorrectly prescribed exercises and systems.

Unfortunately, many people arenโ€™t knowledgeable enough to really know what to prescribe for themselves. Even worse, the level of education youโ€™ll find from most personal trainers and strength coaches is dangerously low. (A lot of them donโ€™t even understand basic anatomy and physiology.)

Based on feedback Iโ€™ve heard from many of the 10,000+ CHEK Professionals all over the world who are connected with countless students, thereโ€™s a consensus about the number of injuries related to CrossFit and other programs.

In this video, I want to share some basic knowledge so you have a better sense of how to manage and monitor yourself so your exercise efforts are more meaningful and help you produce your dream, whether thatโ€™s having a beautiful, healthy body, being fit enough to accomplish a specific athletic goal or just feeling more pain-free.

I use the 4 Doctors model here to describe the basic components you need along with a certain amount of alchemy — without experiencing a cauldron of consequences — to mix and manage these elements to get what you want without a lot of problems.

Love and chi,