I suspect the last time you went for a massage, your body felt so relaxed afterward that you may even experience some slight benefit from it even now just by focusing on that time and place.

Along the way, that skilled massage therapist cleared up a lot of trigger points all over your body, but particularly around your neck and throat, stretching all kinds of muscles and getting rid of lots of soft tissue and joint dysfunction.

Did you feel lighter after the massage than before it? Were you feeling a little more conscious of the world around you and better able to express your self naturally and easily?

These things may mean your body is opening up to the Throat Chakra, the latest chapter in my exploration of the Chakra System.

I cover a lot of ground in this video, including the relationships you have (good and bad) with your parents, but here’s one thing you wouldn’t think about…

Any long-standing wounds from your childhood years can affect a region of the Throat Chakra β€” your ears β€” that can impair your ability to hear and comprehend the spoken word.

Our ears and hearing abilities come from a magical level of consciousness. However, if you accept what the material world tells you 24/7, a rigid mindset sets in and you cannot hear when the magic is speaking directly to you.

That’s when you know there’s problem with the Throat Chakra…

Love and chi,