Many years ago, I developed Zone exercises based on the anatomy and subtle energy systems of the body and anchored to your breathing patterns.

The goal: Moving energy through your body to areas where you want to bring intention and awareness in gentle ways with exercises that don’t require a lot of memorization or strict form in order to prevent the ego from becoming too activated.

This Zone exercise is what I also call a work-in exercise that increases the flow of energy in your body, rather than using it up.

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to perform the horse stance dynamic exercise, a Zone 3 exercise straight out of How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! for those of you who have problems with digestion and elimination that you can perform in an open area with a little space in your home.

The Horse Stance Dynamic is a gentle exercise in which you can use to power of intention to reaffirm your dream too.

An important tip: You should be able to perform it comfortably on a full stomach, your heart and breathing rates should not elevate beyond resting rates and your tongue should stay moist at all times.

My e-book, The Last Four Doctors You’ll Ever Need, will show you how to integrate sounds and affirmations with these kinds of exercises too.

Love and chi,