The Dangers of the CrunchDespite a growing consensus of folks slowly coming around to my way of thinking about ab craziness, you still see lots of people in gyms using crunches to build great-looking “six-pack” abs.

What’s worse is seeing this same scenario being played out in therapeutic situations — physical therapy, osteopathic clinics and chiropractic offices — where people need real care

In this video, I discuss how I created a system many years ago based on muscle physiology that more accurately measures and assesses problems brought on by the crunch and some safer ways to build better abs.

Over-exercising the abs leads to a slew of physical problems, from congestion of internal organs to constricting the body’s natural flow of energy.

For example, let’s say you’re working with a client who has a lumbar posterior lateral disc bulge and he/she is doing crunches. If they’re not careful, he/she can make that problem worse in a hurry.

Watch my video to learn how I created the Primal Patternยฎ system and to protect and strengthen your core without harming your body.

Love and chi,