Stretching the body is both a science and an art, especially when it’s done carefully and deliberately. What’s more, if you really think about it, stretching can be considered a form of mobilization and vice versa.

I define stretching as the normalization of muscles by improving the balance and flow of energy as well as their functional capacity, but that’s not all. Connective tissues, cells, the flow of fluids and joints are affected by proper stretching too.

I include joints with stretching for a very simple reason: Muscles control your joints. Wherever there’s joint problems, you always have to examine what’s going with the muscles. That’s when Hilton’s law comes into play, which includes the muscles of a joint.

If you have a joint problem, its origin could be found in the muscles of the joint or the muscles that cross it. In other words, you really can’t separate a joint problem from a muscle problem. Hurting one group disrupts the mechanics and functionality of the other.

Good stretching also improves the functional synergy and flow of energy through the Chakra System, our interface with subtle energies.

In my video, I’ll give you a brief overview of some stretching techniques, how they affect the body-mind and some basic tips to keep your head in the game and prevent you from hurting yourself.

A quick tip: When you’re stretching your muscles and they aren’t getting looser, you could be addressing a symptom of a problem that you have identified yet. Remember, your body is always giving you feedback. Pay attention to the signs!

Love and chi,