I want to go back to How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! (page 109 to be exact) this week to show you how to perform the Breathing Crunch.

With the help of a Swiss ball, this Zone 3 (Third/Solar Plexus Chakra) exercise helps you create better emotional stability in your energy center.

As you know, the Chakras are energy systems that integrate the mind or psyche within the physical body. The Chakras also receive information from the outside world so we can integrate it into our inner world, then share what we learn with the outer world too.

This exercise can also be very helpful for people who experience digestive issues like constipation, a sign of trapped emotions, judgements, frustrations and fears.

Remember, the theme of the Third Chakra is who am I and what is my contribution to the world. When people have problems expressing their individuality or feeling that their self-esteem is being challenged or criticized by others, they tend to hold onto too much stress.

Doing this has the effect of shielding ourselves, either by holding our emotions in check so we donโ€™t get into trouble for saying the wrong things in relationships or protecting us from things that could penetrate those barriers.

A simple way to release that tension is to couple a crunch over the Swiss ball with breathing so you can give yourself permission to let go of those pent-up beliefs, fears and emotions and begin to embrace a feeling of safety.

Remember, if youโ€™re watching this video, youโ€™re already breathing and you probably have access to food, water, shelter and love in your life too. If youโ€™ve got those things in place, you can now step aside from your story, and open up your muscles. Doing this allows your emotions to flow through your body more naturallyโ€ฆ

Iโ€™ll show you some variations with the Swiss ball crunch that can help you balance the subtle flow energy throughout your body-mind along with some more tips that arenโ€™t included in How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

Love and chi,