How many of you are experiencing problems with poor concentration, an inability to relax or feeling present with your self and others?

Based on my long career working with clients from all walks of life — from athletes to people stuck in cubicles during the best of their days — people just don’t take enough time (or any time for that matter) to meditate.

Meditation gives you the space to clear your mind, focus on your self and begin to listen to your inner wisdom. It doesn’t take a huge investment of time, but it does require some practice… but where do you start?

In this video (and ones to come), I hope you’ll spend a few minutes with me in a contemplative meditation, one I call the divine mirror.

This kind of meditation is ideal if you have a big question confounding you like what is God? or whatever rises up inside you.

The challenge isn’t to try to answer this problem intellectually, but to empty your self and allow whatever rises up from intuition or your soul to offer a deeper understanding or clarity that resonates with you.

There’s no one right or wrong way to enter into meditation, but that is the magic of your own consciousness at work.

Love and chi,