Seems a lot of people are thinking about the foods they’re eating, especially with regard to amount of fats they contain.

That’s not surprising given that there’s so much misinformation and confusion about what constitutes a healthy diet with good fats.

I’ve seen A LOT of diet plans over my 33+ years in holistic health, along with all of the “absolute truths” and “scientific facts” debunked by more “modern science.”

I like and use science, but I’m also very conscious about when it’s abused and what that can do to the human body.

Imagine your body as if it were an interconnected spider’s web. Pull on the web in one direction and you create a massive shift without realizing its potential relationship to every other part of it. Sounds a lot like science pushing and pulling our attention away from what’s really important.

None of these plans, based on “modern science,” will ever be an improvement on what each of us can do his/her own, simply by paying attention and being your own empirical scientist, which is what I teach CHEK Professionals to do.

In my video, my goal is to shed some light about fats, ancestral eating and the modern challenges all of us face by using something you may have heard once upon a time called common sense.

If you struggle with healthy eating, I hope you’ll read my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! And, if you want to learn more, consider my Master Class that will show you How to Identify Your Primal Pattern® Diet.

Love and chi,