It’s very easy to feel lonely and a bit trapped when you’re dealing with a challenge.

That obstacle can be anything from an injury on the playing field or a health problem that isn’t healing like it should to a deep, lingering emotional wound that sits stewing within you without resolution.

Once a feeling of isolation sets in, it becomes exponentially harder to shake. So what can you do about it?

This week, I’ll share a simple working-in technique that helps you jump-start your healing process by expanding your self-awareness and connection with the world outside your body.

All you need to feel less isolated and more connected to the possibilities of life: Spend a few minutes each day in a quiet, comfortable place with your shoes off (ideally in nature if you can) to better align your body and energies to the earth.

No drugs. No gadgets. Just a gentle immersion of your body-mind back into the world…

Love and chi,