We focus so much about the quality of the foods you should be eating β€” organic or as close to it as possible β€” for your health that we neglect to delve into the challenges of consuming too much or not enough food.

In this video, I want to do a quick dive into food challenges β€” eating not too much or too little β€” and some things to keep in mind.

For example, you may experience physiological and psychological stress depending on the volume of food you eat. Some of this can be attributed to hormonal changes that occur.

Based on the work of noted nutritionist John Berardi, he’s found that at least half of the calories you consume each day are necessary just to keep your body going, and about 15 percent more calories as resources just for the food to travel from the mouth to the anus.

When you look at eating this way, you can begin to see how overeating can tax your system way beyond its limits, underscoring the real challenge: Maintaining a diet as balanced as possible so you’re eating just the right amount of food you need.

I’ll also examine the hormonal stressors that could lead to mental-emotional issues, how food can dull your senses and some tips to help you eat more wisely, like listening to what your body is telling you about the foods you eat or don’t.

Love and chi,