Our lives are so friggin’ easy.

Remember the days of fax machines and phones connected to landlines and computers that required disks to operate them? It wasn’t that all that long ago, and I bet you don’t miss those times very much either.

Now, we can send messages from mobile devices and talk face-to-face with just about anyone we want in the world just like that.

However, in this world of instant gratification, you’d assume these cool things would help us feel more gratitude and joy because they’re making our lives easier than they have ever been.

But they don’t…

Instead, the presence of these gadgets is creating the opposite effect: People get things faster than ever, but feel less joy and connection to them and more upset in their lives than ever before.

Have you ever considered these conveniences may actually be bringing more stress to us and our planet? I believe these gadgets may actually be creating more distractions that prevent us from contributing to our lives.

This week’s video explores the intimate connection between real joy and gratitude and some ways we can achieve this in our lives, minus the need for gadgets, by reconnecting with our dreams.

Love and chi,