Dehydration or Malnourishment: The Source of Cellular Death and Disease?Today, so many more people are taking it upon themselves to get educated, and look into their own challenges health challenges.

This is fantastic, yet so often people lack adequate understanding of the relevant health sciences to know what questions to ask, how to ask the key questions and/or how to understand the research they’ve found.

This short article — my response from a recent YouTube video — is one such case. I hope you’ll find it useful for your own general education, or as a means of reinforcing key health concepts about which all of us need to be aware.

Kevin Mai: Hi Paul! I’m writing content about the 6 foundations of health and I ran into a very well written piece on the effects on dehydration and how many diseases originate because of it (you might have already read this before).

However, my dilemma is that the main points that he described as problems of dehydration, I basically already wrote for nutrition (how nutrient deficiency leads to impaired cellular function/disease). Is it being dehydrated or malnourished that is responsible for cellular health and disease?

I’m assuming it’s both, but in that case I’m also curious which one holds more power? As in which one is more responsible or likely for the most of the symptoms being mentioned? Thank you so much.

Is it water or something else?

In response to your question, it presupposes that one cause is or can be greater than the other. Here’s some better ways to look at this issue.

A. Either one can result in significant impairment of cellular function and health.

B. The relative contribution of malnutrition relative to dehydration is specific to each individual. This must be looked at from the perspective of chronic versus acute imbalances in either one.

C. Water is the best solution for the dilution of pollution, according to Dr. Robert Rakowski. That said, the chemicals that are generally most dangerous to us are fat-soluble ones, which are what commercial farmers spray on crops in the form of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides and many others out there.

So, if you drink enough water but the toxicity level is too high to deal with via water and normal detoxification pathways, or the problem chemicals are fat soluble and the person’s liver isn’t adequately supported with the nutrition needed to break down fat soluble toxins, then it is the chemicals and nutrition that have to be addressed.

D. A person can be drinking an adequate volume of water, yet still be dehydrated. This is common with people using reverse osmosis filters, which often produce water that is acidic (below 7pH) and is stripped of essential minerals and other life elements normally found in quality drinking water.

This also occurs when people drink distilled water because it sucks the minerals and salts out of cells. For example, the body tries to even out the sodium potassium balance between intracellular and extracellular water/spaces.

This is why I talk about water quality, hardness and total dissolved solids in my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!.

Does eating organic foods matter?

E. A person can be eating a high quality organic diet, and still have many clear indicators of malnutrition. This happens when the body can’t effectively digest, metabolize, assimilate or eliminate the foods effectively.

Two common causes of this problem are fungal and parasitic infections. Anything that causes leaky gut syndrome is a major concern here. The three main causes of leaky gut are stress, alcohol consumption and drug side effects.

Dehydration or Malnourishment: The Source of Cellular Death and Disease?F. You can be drinking adequate amounts of high quality water, and eating a high quality diet, yet have all sorts of problems with cellular regulation (water balance), and most other cellular functions if you are exposed to high amounts of electromagnetic (EMF) pollution.

These results are often addressed as though they are the actual problems, but they can often be symptoms of cellular and hormonal confusion created by the negative influences of frequency waves that confuse nervous and cellular communication mechanisms.

Brain cancer in cellular phone users is a well documented example of this process, but there are many other organs and systems that also degenerate in the chaos created by EMF pollution.

Cancer is just the most commonly cited, but we must always ask what caused the cancer.

I hope this short primer helps you appreciate the incredible complexity of the human body-mind.

Also, you may want to consider my Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) program that provides opportunities for you to learn many things that will help you better care for yourself and others.

Love and chi,