A lot of you know from my weekly Living 4D podcast that I’m a HUGE proponent of cold water therapy, particularly cold showers and quick dips in the pool at my Rainbow House that we leave unheated during the winter months.

In fact, I’ve taken two or three warm showers over the past 16 years or so, and you’re probably wondering why…

First off, taking a daily cold shower really trains your autonomic nervous system and arterial tree (the branching system of arteries throughout your body).

Here’s how it works: The impact of the cold water on your body pushes your blood to the surface, creating a sympathetic reaction that keeps you warm.

These parasympathetic/sympathetic reactions exercise your arterial tree in ways that keep your blood system strong and enable your body to become more resilient in handling shifts in your environment.

In my video, I’ll explain more about the benefits of cold water therapy and some ways you can figure out if this approach will work well for you too!

Love and chi,