Earlier this month on the CHEK Blog, you saw the Living 4D Podcast Rewind post featuring my recent interview with health writer Nick Pineault about all the problems associated with electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

Using any kind of wireless device regularly β€” a tablet, laptop or mobile phone β€” means your body is being bathed constantly by EMFs.

This kind of exposure can have a harmful effect on your body, regardless if you carry a wireless device with you or not, or you wear any metal on your body in the form of a belly ring, earrings or a nose ring.

I starting noticing this problem years ago when I was working with clients and seeing issues with their fascia, the connective tissue that holds bones, organs, muscles, nerve fibers and blood vessels in place.

Since the composition of fascia is almost completely water, this results in our bodies being seriously sensitive to EMF radiation. All of this exposure can create issues all over our bodies with our nervous systems and hormonal systems.

It can lead to many problems ranging from mental confusion to inflammation and many unusual symptoms most therapists and doctors often misdiagnose.

During my video, I’ll show you a simple experiment you can do if you’re wearing a belly ring that may change your mind about them for good!

If you want to learn more about EMFs, I urge you to take a look at Nick Pineault’s book, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs.

Love and chi,