I talk A LOT in my videos and Living 4D podcasts how much Arnold Patent has influenced me in my life through his Universal Principles. (At 94 years young, Arnold is still very much with us!)

Many years ago, Arnold wrote two books. You Can Have It All became a huge best-seller back in the 1980s and The Journey. Arnold outlines and refines his Universal Principles in both books.

I’ve held onto an early version of his Universal Principles for such a very long time that what you find on his website today doesn’t match the version I have and revere so deeply.

I love these original principles so much that this video is devoted to Universal Principle number 12 which is all about trust.

I trust in the Universe’s total support of me at all times. The most important and effective belief we can acquire to help us master the Universal Principle is trust in the Universe’s total support of us at all times…

Trust can be a very murky issue, especially if you’ve experienced personal hardships like divorces, bankruptcies or serious injuries as I have.

Yet, somehow, someway we’re all here. Maybe, you need to trust a little more in something or someone else along with the Universe.

Like you…

Love and chi,