What will you learn at CHEK Institute
Integrated Movement Science Level 1?

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All movement emanates from posture.

This is why Integrated Movement Science Level 1: Holistic Corrective Exercise and Performance Coaching (formerly known as “Exercise Coach”) focuses on posture. Whatever your clients’ goals, having a healthy, functional posture is essential. It’s the place to start.

The course takes a deep dive into the mechanics of posture and teaches you a wide variety of simple, but powerful posture and stability assessments that will give you a crystal clear picture of where your clients need to work on their posture and how to correct postural imbalances.

You’ll learn how to assess:

  • Static Posture on a plumb line
  • Head carriage – forward head posture
  • First rib angle
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Thoracic curve
  • Lumbar curve
  • How to assess abdominal wall function
  • Stretch assessments and corrective stretches
  • Corrective mobilizations
  • Managing stress while exercising
  • How to properly execute a huge number of exercises