What will you learn at CHEK Institute
Integrated Movement Science Level 1?

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All movement emanates from posture.

This is why Integrated Movement Science Level 1: Holistic Corrective Exercise and Performance Coaching (formerly known as “Exercise Coach”) focuses on posture. Whatever your clients’ goals, having a healthy, functional posture is essential. It’s the place to start.

The course takes a deep dive into the mechanics of posture and teaches you a wide variety of simple, but powerful posture and stability assessments that will give you a crystal clear picture of where your clients need to work on their posture and how to correct postural imbalances.

You’ll learn how to assess:

  • Static Posture on a plumb line
  • Head carriage – forward head posture
  • First rib angle
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Thoracic curve
  • Lumbar curve
  • How to assess abdominal wall function
  • Stretch assessments and corrective stretches
  • Corrective mobilizations
  • Managing stress while exercising
  • How to properly execute a huge number of exercises
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Students who take this class and practice what they’ve learned discover their ability to coach clients vastly improves, and they are able to grow their practice while raising their rates. This course is a powerful first step in building the practice you’ve been dreaming of!

Prerequisites (must be completed 30 days before course)