Show Notes Episode 87 – Aubrey Marcus: Seeing God in the Eyes of the Devil

Since his previous appearance on the Living 4D podcast a year ago, life has changed in big ways for Aubrey Marcus, one of Paulโ€™s favorite people.

Aubrey and Paul discuss the big changes and the bigger questions โ€” God, life and free will โ€” in this evolutionary Living 4D episode.

Learn more about Aubreyโ€™s work on his website, the Aubrey Marcus Podcast and on social media via Twitter and Instagram.

Show Notes

  • Why Aubrey stepped away from Onnit. (2:50)
  • Does God evolve as humans do? (7:40)
  • โ€œGod is a blank canvas of infinite potentiality and infinite possibilities.โ€ (17:45)
  • What Aubrey missed after six days in isolation. (26:22)
  • Two good reasons for polyamory. (35:34)
  • How Paul delicately balances living with two wives. (45:58)
  • Relationships are the greatest teachers. (55:59)
  • Does free will truly exist? (1:05:13)
  • What it really costs to feed the world and provide everyone clean water. (1:22:48)
  • The power of doing nothing. (1:29:26)
  • โ€œIf youโ€™re bored living on this planet, you have a problem.โ€ (1:35:44)


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