Show Notes Episode 76 – Paul Chek: Q&A Part 2

How do you deal with back problems caused by scoliosis? When do you make the choice to leave a long-term relationship? Should you be paying attention to where your flesh foods come from?

Paul addresses a wide range of questions from scoliosis and TMJ issues to schizophrenia and Spirit Animals in his second Q&A Living 4D podcast.

Show Notes

  • Using the CHEK Totem Pole to evaluate and begin to heal from a spinal injury. (2:58)
  • How your teeth fit together may be critical to treating a spinal problem. (9:55)
  • Mastering the I/We/All concept of loving yourself enough first to love your partner in a relationship. (25:56)
  • The four things you can do in a relationship crisis. (32:57)
  • A common dietary change Paul recommends to his clients: Drop pork. (48:06)
  • What should you do when food is served to you but you know you shouldnโ€™t eat it? (58:41)
  • The best approaches for treating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. (1:01:21)
  • Many spirit guides will come to you in the form of an animal. (1:09:02)
  • Is schizophrenia a mind-body-spirit problem? (1:16:16)
  • Your diet dictates your bodyโ€™s biochemistry and which fields you can/canโ€™t access. (1:24:43)
  • People who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia may be going through Shamanic initiations. (1:37:06)