Show Notes Episode 61 – Dr. Nick Berry: Healing and Growing With Essential Oils

In his first appearance on the Living 4D podcast, Dr. Nick Berry described his long journey, from his studies as a licensed pharmacist to discovering the larger holistic world of plant medicines and essential oils.

For his second Living 4D conversation, Dr. Nick does a deeper dive with Paul into the some of the amazing essential oils produced by his company, Essential Oil Wizardry. You’ll learn some important do’s and don’t’s for using essential oils effectively and safely

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Show Notes

  • Can an essential oil feel like nicotine? (7:09)
  • Be careful about giving essential oils to young children. (14:33)
  • The anti-fungal properties of essential oils. (16:29)
  • Using essential oils for headaches. (28:13)
  • Paul’s morning routine for using essential oils. (34:21)
  • Support your body with essential oils when you want to indulge. (37:55)
  • Paul’s technique for traveling internationally through airports with essential oils. (44:05)
  • Dr. Nick describes his essential oils that work with emotions and dreams. (51:54)
  • Salvia divinorum: A powerful master-teacher plant. (58:05)
  • Do you need an essential oil to help you build confidence? (1:06:04)
  • Using nutmeg oil for massage. (1:10:40)
  • The tai chi ruler practice. (1:15:57)
  • How to use essential oils when vaporizing with herbs. (1:22:53)
  • The first essential oil tincture Dr. Nick ever formulated in Hawaii. (1:30:45)
  • The average shelf life of Dr. Nick’s essential oils. (1:36:59)
  • Penny’s pro tip for protecting the essential oils you use from contamination. (1:37:55)