Show Notes Episode 27 – Kim Nelli: Conscious Birthing

Being afraid of childbirth – as natural and beautiful as it is – isn’t unusual for many first-time mothers.

In this episode of Living 4D with Paul Chek, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Kim Nelli talks about how she conquered her fears around childbirth.  It all began with a midwifery class and turned in to an amazing journey of working with wild dolphins and becoming an expert on natural childbirth.

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Show Notes

  • Kim enrolled in midwifery school because she was afraid of childbirth. (6:01)
  • “We can’t prepare for childbirth in our heads. It’s just impossible…” (24:25)
  • Is a conventional birthing process in a hospital setting really creating a healthier, happier world? (30:12)
  • Mothering is a highly intuitive process. (42:38)
  • What is HypnoBirthing? (47:01)
  • Ninety percent of the information about childbirth is very misleading, preparing women for “a technological birth.” (51:33)
  • Are medical tests or supplements really necessary during a pregnancy? (1:13:06)
  • Functional movement vs. exercise during a pregnancy. (1:22:54)
  • After experiencing natural childbirth, Kim learned to love her body even more. (1:27:56)
  • Using the sweat lodge to help men understand the birthing process. (1:33:17)
  • Parents must work on their relationship to raise a healthy child. (1:37:20)
  • The best things people — especially partners — can do to support a woman’s pregnancy. (1:53:33)
  • Creating sexual intimacy in pregnancy. (2:03:27)
  • How a Mom can connect with her baby in the womb. (2:16:50)
  • Mana knew Paul’s voice when he was born. (2:22:49)
  • When a woman’s pregnant, even natural soaps or products can be a problem for her at the time. (2:33:39)
  • When is it best for a woman to have her baby in a hospital vs. at home? (2:35:19)
  • Choose your “birthing team” wisely. (2:42:20)
  • Having a prenatal connection with dolphins. (2:44:09)
  • Considering VBAC? (2:53:51)
  • The sacred first hour of bonding after a baby’s birth. (2:58:56)
  • Women with breast implants may be able to breastfeed their babies. (3:04:49)
  • The new relationship forged with a Mom, Dad and their baby. (3:14:40)
  • Protect your child from EMFs by downloading videos and cartoons then turning the device on airplane mode. (3:24:17)
  • How do parents create safe home environments that support optimal infant development? (3:31:00)