Show Notes Episode 8 – Nicole DeVaney: Breast Implant Dangers

Nicole DeVaney has led many lives as a former single Mom, business owner with a degree in accounting, public speaker, Yogini, exotic dancer who opened the first pole dancing studio in Salt Lake City in 2005 and for several years as a CHEK Practitioner in private practice and instructor for the CHEK Institute.

Nicole talks about her long journey toward self-healing that included living with breast implants, then having them removed, helping women make better decisions about their health and the real meaning of beauty in this episode of Living 4D With Paul Chek.

Show Notes

  • The physical and psychological problems women have with breast implants. (2:00)
  • Nicole: We’ve lost our elders. (10:15)
  • An international cover model, Yogini, exotic dancer and proprietor of the first pole dancing studio in Salt Lake City. (11:40)
  • Having breast implants was a business decision for Nicole. (14:06)
  • If a man had to wear his penis on his collar, he’d want a big one. (18:06)
  • Boobs are an outward physical expression of a woman’s love and heart. (20:14)
  • What is the feeling of attractiveness for a woman all about? (24:30)
  • Women date too many average males. (26:46)
  • What is the essence of attractiveness for a woman to a man? (29:04)
  • Do women use breast implants to mask deeper, unhealed emotional wounds? (33:40)
  • At a cellular level, do women need men to survive? (35:24)
  • Men: Are you a second chakra lover? (38:47)
  • Guess what’s in those saline breast implants? (42:58)
  • Breast implants that move. (49:52)
  • Feeling perfect and imperfect at the same time. (56:59)
  • Are people “sculpting their bodies” to avoid a deeper spiritual understanding? (1:00:49)
  • Testing for the MTHFR gene. (1:09:17)
  • Having breast implants may prevent women from breastfeeding too. (1:12:48)
  • Never say never… (1:15:36)
  • Breakdancing can cause breast implants to explode! (1:21:35)
  • Why Nicole had her breast implants removed. (1:25:52)
  • Symptoms that may warn you about health problems with breast implants. (1:29:11)
  • How does a woman minimize the dangers of having her breast implants removed? (1:35:50)
  • Rebuilding breast tissue naturally after an implant removal. (1:42:05)
  • It’s against a woman’s nature to fight. (1:46:36)
  • It’s not healthy for a man to orgasm a lot… (1:49:38)
  • Your liver stores anger. (1:56:31)
  • Beauty is not a size or shape. (1:59:03)