Show Notes Episode 6 – Danny Way: Inside the Life of a Legend Part 1

Ever wonder how elite athlete Danny Way could do the miraculous things he does with a skateboard, like jump across the Great Wall of China?

Despite his artistry, imagination and fierce drive and tenacity, all of those amazing things Danny does may never have happened given the injuries he suffered. How did he overcome them? What did he learn from them?

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Show Notes

  • Dannyโ€™s physical problem no one could solve but Paul. (3:58)
  • Why Danny stayed with skateboarding over other sports. (6:30)
  • Jumping the Great Wall of China on a skateboard. (9:30)
  • Jumping out of a helicopter 35 feet in the air on a skateboardโ€ฆ (13:50)
  • Danny couldnโ€™t walk away from a โ€œwhat if.โ€ (19:08)
  • The medicinal effect of skateboarding for kids. (26:08)
  • Tony Hawk, an empowering, challenging mentor. (30:00)
  • Paulโ€™s first movie role in Waiting For Lightning. (32:55)
  • Facing fear in a boxing ring and life. (37:30)
  • 24 surgeries. (39:56)
  • Learning to be comfortable with uncertainty. (42:20)
  • Falling is part of everything. (46:55)
  • A rebirth from injury. (52:45)
  • Danny learned to be a cat again. (59:24)
  • Danny was one of the first professional skateboarders to use conditioning as a part of his training. (1:02:47)
  • Skateboarding becomes an Olympic sport in 2020. (1:07:30)
  • Witnessing the organic difference with cooked chicken. (1:11:32)