Show Notes Episode 5 – JP Sears: Friendships, Relationships and Personal Growth

You probably know JP Sears as a YouTube star, author and satirist whose Ultra Spiritual Life series of viral videos lampoons everything from Santa Claus, college football and the lunar landing to being a horrible life coach, vegan diets and going organic badly.

What you may not know is how Paul’s guidance and belief in JP was so strong and true that it transformed both of their lives for the better. And, that’s just scraping the surface of this deep chat between peers in this episode of Living 4D With Paul Chek.

Show Notes

  • A pivotal moment in JP’s life was Paul believing in him. (4:25)
  • Walking away from college to learning, then teaching at the C.H.E.K Institute. (11:30)
  • The fear of leaving a great work situation. (14:20)
  • JP is one of the few men to see Paul cry. ( 18:05)
  • When you lend support to a friend or family member in deep pain, don’t try to fix or change them. (23:57)
  • Saving people makes them weaker. (27:51)
  • JP’s first comedic video on spiritual bypassing. (31:27)
  • “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek…” (41:53)
  • Bill Hicks is a comedian and, on a deeper level, a teacher. (46:12)
  • The language of comedy can penetrate a person’s psychological defenses. (47:05)
  • The transformative power of comedy. (51:10)
  • Comedy as a form of distance healing. (53:35)
  • Remember that lecture in London where six bald guys dressed like Paul were in the audience? (58:28)
  • “The weight [of responsibility] usually comes when I start to think I am who other people think I am. That’s called losing myself.” (1:06:15)
  • The unwritten Commandment: Amuse thy self. (1:08:05)
  • A feeling of connection to our planet and everyone who lives here through out-of-body experiences. (1:12:15)
  • “Healing is really slicing through the psychological scar tissue of us only being willing to accept who we think we should be.” (1:21:18)
  • Most people don’t realize the ego construct is largely made up from other people’s ideas, starting with your family. (1:25:03)
  • The wisdom of your soul is connected to the discomfort of depression. (1:30:46)
  • God is a sphere whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere. (1:33:31)
  • JP’s take on the #MeToo movement. (1:40:42)
  • “The depth of purpose is often proportional to the amount of fear I have to go through in order to voice it.” (1:46:22)
  • One of our missions in life is to recognize how myths affect the stories of our lives. (1:53:45)
  • We’re living in a world of oneness, with a level of connectivity in union that’s never happened before. (1:56:13)
  • What JP’s recent marriage to Amber means to him. (2:07:56)
  • “If someone’s a comedian, they have the talent to speak deeper truths than [talking about] Kim Kardashian.” (2:14:11)
  • Good alignment comes when I learn to want what my higher self wants. (2:25:35)
  • “The ultimate failure is success without fulfillment.” Tony Robbins (2:27:28)
  • The connection to family delivers something special that work does not. (2:37:25)
  • What the birth of Mana really meant to Paul. (2:47:01)
  • Paul meets a rattlesnake. (2:52:58)