Show Notes Episode 03 – Sean Croxton

You may know personal development entrepreneur Sean Croxton as the world’s biggest nerd who blew up YouTube when he created one of the first health-based video channels (Underground Wellness) more than a decade ago.

Paul talks to Sean for his Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast about his journey that started and continues with a simple need to help people.

Show Notes

  • Sean talks HLC 1. (1:29)
  • Elliott Hulse is Sean’s Internet grandfather. (2:19)
  • How do you learn to love yourself? (3:58)
  • Sean: I just want to help people. (5:43)
  • Loren Cordain’s article on grains and gluten intolerances is a badass piece of work. (7:57)
  • Sean begins his podcasting career. (10:40)
  • Sean’s transition to personal development. (12:42)
  • How do you sell health? (15:40)
  • Identifying your dream. (16:50)
  • How much time can a client commit to their health without it becoming a burden they want to avoid? (20:06)
  • Don’t give clients more than four action items. (26:14)
  • How hard is it to change a habit? (27:44)
  • What inspires you to change? (33:19)
  • Do you believe in emotional addiction? (38:06)
  • The questions any skilled Shaman asks her/his clients. (39:45)
  • How do you create emotional fulfillment and a sense of connection to something greater than yourself? (41:12)
  • When does a person become an adult? (49:50)
  • Culture is a bunch of people doing the same things. (Arnold Mindell) (53:09)
  • Is there something in our modern society that signifies initiation for men in our culture? (59:40)
  • Paul’s definition of being an adult. (1:04:01)
  • How many coaches and therapists are real adults? (1:05:04)
  • The origins of Paul’s Holistic Lifestyle Coaching programs. (1:06:40)
  • What it means to be truly authentic. (1:10:40)
  • If humans don’t become adults, our species will be extinguished. (1:17:51)
  • Is the reality we see just a reflection of the general consciousness split? (1:23:34)
  • Is Donald Trump a Pain Teacher? (1:29:13)
  • Always finding something good in every problem. (1:31:13)
  • Do we need to respect more and different opinions due to the divisiveness in the world? (1:35:40)
  • If we don’t protect the environment, how can we create safety and security for each other? (1:45:10)
  • When you raise your own consciousness, you raise the consciousness of the whole. (1:47:22)
  • Scientists have become modern prostitutes. (1:51:22)
  • Our habits become our results in life. (1:55:30)
  • Knowing that everyone has greatness in them is important. (1:57:14)