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Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections: The Absolute Essentials
Presented by Paul Chek

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4-DVD set: 5 hrs 7 mins running time

Now available on DVD, this program describes Paul Chek’s holistic and comprehensive approach to overcoming problems caused by fungal and parasite infections. Are you plagued by strange symptoms, unexplained fatigue, skin irritations and food cravings? You may well have a parasite or fungal infection! Paul will show you how you can heal yourself from such issues using his “from the ground up” approach, creating health, wellness and vitality.

Part 1 – Introduction and Detoxification
Paul explains the foundation principles and concepts that are pivotal to effectively combating fungal and parasite infections.

Part 2 – The Essentials of Overcoming Fungal and Parasite Infections
Paul describes how fungal and parasite infections occur, the symptoms that suggest you have an infection and key antiparasitics to help fight an infection. Since an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, Paul will also show you lifestyle changes that you can make to help minimize your risk of getting an infection.

Part 3 – Supporting Your Immune Health
Paul covers critical steps you can take to boost your immune system, which will increase you body’s ability to fight a fungal or parasite infection.

Part 4 – Healing Fungal Infections: Review and Action Items
Paul reviews the key points and gives important action items for Healing Fungal Infections.

Part 5 – Healing Parasite Infections: Review and Action Items
Paul wraps up the program with a summary and essential action items for Healing Parasite Infections.

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