This all-new course will lead you through many of the most common lower limb injuries, how to screen for them, how to identify etiological contributions and how to develop highly effective rehabilitation and conditioning strategies, based on core CHEK principles.

We cover key areas such as:

  • useful models and principles to build your knowledge of clinical concepts
  • how to identify joint dysfunction
  • understanding the bipedal stance
  • ascending and descending function of the lower limb
  • common problems with the hip, knee and foot
  • how to apply Primal Pattern™ Movement training to the lower limb
  • progress conditioning using phase progressions


5 lessons
5 Comprehensive Quizzes

PDF manual

Certificate of


How to complete this course

Click the appropriate lesson name on the right to get started.

Once you complete a lesson there will be a quiz to take. You need to score 80% or better on each quiz in order to move onto the next lesson.

It is highly recommended that you practice all the exercises, assessments and stretches demonstrated before you attempt to take the quizzes in these lessons.

Mark each video as finished by clicking the “Mark as Complete” button. Once you’ve done so, you will be directed to the next video or lesson.

A green check mark will indicate where you left off in completing the course.

After you have completed all five lessons and five quizzes, you will have completed the course and will receive a certificate of completion.

Total estimated time for completion: 10.5 hours + five quizzes

Learning Objectives

1. Learn key clinical models to help you effectively address any lower limb complaint.

2. Increase your understanding of how to approach lower limb rehabilitation.

3. Identify many of the more common lower limb injuries & conditions.

4. Learn how to view lower limb injury using a holistic biopsychosocial approach.

5. Understood how to apply the CHEK philosophy to restoring optimal lower limb to function.

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