Learn 7 simple techniques to build exercise programs that renew, energize and inspire unhealthy clients.

Here are two indisputable facts

  1. Exercise is a stress.
  2. Most of the clients you work with are already stressed.

That means if you aren’t careful in your program design, you’re just piling on the stresses – not only derailing their health/fitness goals, but increasing the chance of injury and illness.

So how do you design exercise programs that account for your clients’ specific stress profiles while still helping them achieve their goals? In this course, Paul Chek shows you how to create exercise programs that take the full measure of your clients’ individual stress profiles, while empowering them to reach their health and fitness goals faster than ever!

How to Design Exercise Programs for Unhealthy Clients includes:

  • 4 multi-part lessons
  • 4 quizzes, one after each lesson
  • Downloadable PDF manual
  • Downloadable questionnaires and handouts
  • Certificate of completion

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