One of the great miracles of human life is that we start out as stranded, dependent, relatively immobile beings and become, within the space of about 1 year, dexterous, independent, squatting, bending, climbing, walking beings. It is this startling transition – and the ongoing development beyond this – which allows us to move towards our goals in life.

How do we go through this transformation?

There is a very specific motor-sensory and brain-body developmental sequence that we need to pass through to become well-functioning adults.

But sometimes, there’s a break in that developmental chain… sometimes due to accidents, sometimes due to illness and other times due to misinformed advice or ideas of how a child should develop. When such a break occurs, inefficiency in movement, loss of coordination and other musculoskeletal, visceral and hormonal disorders can result.

This course is designed to teach you the exact sequence of human infant development, how to track down when and where your clients have experienced those breaks in the developmental chain, and how to address them through simple exercise interventions.

The tremendous benefit of the approach is to see and address the deep and often hidden causes for injury and suboptimal athletic performance.

The Science and Application of Infant Development For Adults is a powerful approach to functional exercise that will give you deeper, and little-known, insights into movement dysfunction. That means you will be able to help more people.


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Course Objectives

You’ll learn:

  • The human motor-sensory developmental sequence, all the way from simple breathing to the complexity of gait
  • How the human nervous system self-programs and self-corrects, using infant development.
  • The connections between infant development and static/dynamic posture
  • How to assess for breaks in the developmental sequence
  • Infant Development exercises such as Naval Radiation, the Inchworm and the Reptilian Crawl
  • How to incorporate infant development exercise into your programs
  • How to use the Swiss ball, diet and lifestyle changes to reconstruct the neuro-motor functions of the body
  • How to progress from infant development exercises to conditioning programs

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SECTION 1 - Theory
SECTION 2 - Practical Application - 1 Video
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