I rarely share infant development exercises in my videos that aren’t part of the CHEK Institute’s educational offerings.

The big reason: Infant development exercises have to be performed with good technique and at a very mindful level. If you don’t pay attention to your form, you run the risk of training your body at a very deep level to move incorrectly, and those problems can take thousands of reps to correct!

All of those caveats aside, I want to share a pair of simple infant development exercises — the Reptilian Crawl and Bear Walk — you can learn on your own without help from a CHEK Professional. (The only reason you shouldn’t perform these movements comes down to being to out-of-shape.)

The Bear Walk resembles the crawling young children do with their butts higher in the air. (The higher your butt is, the easier it is for you.) The real trick about this exercise is drawing your umbilicus inward just enough to stabilize your core.

The Reptilian Crawl increases the load on your body and requires much more core stability because your body is much closer to the ground.

By the way, the yellow chalk line I’ve drawn is a reminder to move your primary stabilizer muscles properly. Most people who attempt these exercises with bad form aren’t moving in straight lines and their butts often slide from side-to-side.

Love and chi,