I’ve received a growing number of questions recently from people who know I’m busy as a bee with clients, teaching, writing and creating my weekly Living 4D podcasts about how I manage my time, yet look and feel young even in my 60s…

Let me show you one way I stay a little bit ahead of Father Time between all of my daily commitments by demonstrating a circuit workout made up of four exercises.

When I create a circuit workout, I like to do four or five cycles of a similar number of exercises and keep the rest periods brief (about 90 seconds or so) so I can get the most work accomplished in a short interval of time.

The exercises I’m performing in this circuit workout:

  • The Push Jerk
  • The Bottoms-Up, Single-Arm Swiss Ball Kettlebell Bench Press
  • Swiss Ball Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Reptilian Crawl

As you watch my video, you’ll notice this circuit workout includes neurologically demanding exercises that may help you ramp up your nervous system and perform more sets or reps than you might expect.

Love and chi,