If you’ve been watching my videos with any regularity, you know I have many pet peeves when it comes to exercising safely and effectively.

A very common mistake I see in the gym is how people too often ignore my big-to-little rule while exercising, the subject of my latest video.

I demonstrate this while performing the single-arm cable push to show how often people forget that the bigger muscles in your legs, trunk and arms are built to do the bulk of the heavy lifting.

Typically, most people rely on their body weight and abdominal muscles to do the work which can create problems (and large loads) on their shoulders that could lead to injury.

Apart of lowering the risk of injury, performing exercises properly also saves you loads of time. Generally, it takes as much as 350 repetitions of a new exercise to build a motor program.

However, if your mechanics are faulty, you could to take you a long time β€” up to 5,000 reps β€” to correct the problem and build a new motor program with proper form.

Remember, perfect practice makes perfect sense…

Love and chi,