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C.H.E.K Institute Correspondence Courses

With the CHEK Institute’s e-Learning platform you can rapidly get your hands on dozens of online videos and training programs, bringing advanced skills, assessments, exercises and CECs directly to you via the internet.

Or choose the DVD version and study at home without worrying about an internet connection or waiting for videos to load!

What is a CHEK Correspondence Course?

The CHEK Institute’s Correspondence Courses are available on DVD or online via our e-Learning platform. They allow you to participate in a seminar without having to leave your home! Each offline course comes with a DVD or set of DVDs and a comprehensive manual. The online courses have the same content that is accessible to you once you purchase the course through the e-Learning platform. Simply watch the videos and follow along in the manual, taking extra notes as needed.

Practice all exercises or assessment techniques so you become familiar with the concepts presented. Then take the multiple choice / short-answer test, either online where it is graded automatically, or in the manual and return it to the CHEK Institute for grading. A certificate of completion will be sent to those who score 80% or better.

Now it’s easier than ever to expand your knowledge and earn CECs!

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