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What is a CHEK Correspondence Course?

The CHEK Institute’s Correspondence Courses are available on DVD or online via our e-Learning platform. They allow you to participate in a seminar without having to leave your home! Each offline course comes with a DVD or set of DVDs and a comprehensive manual. The online courses have the same content that is accessible to you once you purchase the course through the e-Learning platform. Simply watch the videos and follow along in the manual, taking extra notes as needed.

Practice all exercises or assessment techniques so you become familiar with the concepts presented. Then take the multiple choice / short-answer test, either online where it is graded automatically, or in the manual and return it to the CHEK Institute for grading. A certificate of completion will be sent to those who score 80% or better.

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Scientific Core Conditioning

Scientific Core Conditioning is the most comprehensive, in-depth course available on this subject. Expand your knowledge of the abdominal musculature and its biomechanical relationship to the entire kinetic chain, when applied to the prevention of back pain, maintenance of good posture and optimal sports performance. In this course you will learn functional anatomy of the core; support mechanisms provided by the abdominals; why tongue position is crucial when conditioning the abdominals; how faulty abdominal training can create postural problems; how to assess core function; how to reestablish activation of the abdominal wall after abdominal surgery such as caesarian section, hysterectomy and hernia repair, or in the deconditioned client; understand why core coordination and strength tests are essential for your orthopedic patients and competitive athletes; exercises suitable for the post-rehabilitation patient all the way to performance-enhancing techniques used by Paul for training amateur and elite athletes. This advanced program will streamline and empower your current approach to abdominal exercise prescription. It is a must for any professional involved in orthopedic rehabilitation, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors and athletic trainers.

Primal Pattern® Eating: How to Identify Your Primal Pattern® Diet

Over the course of this online class, Paul will show you how to identify your own personal eating patterns and adapt the Primal Pattern® Diet to meet your needs. The Primal Pattern® Diet makes healthy eating simple, direct and personal. Primal Pattern® eating is a key component in Paul’s holistic approach to well-being and vibrant health. Using this simple and effective system, Paul has coached thousands to free themselves from disease and improve their own mental-emotional stability.

Scientific Back Training

This comprehensive correspondence course is intended for serious strength and conditioning specialists, rehabilitation specialists and personal trainers. The course reviews and analyzes the biomechanical intricacies of stabilization exercises as a necessary prerequisite to general strengthening of torso musculature for patients, the general public and athletes. This information is essential for preventing repetitive stress disorders that lead to injury. The synergistic interaction of muscle groups in performing complex frontal, transverse and sagittal plane movements are explained and assessments practiced. Technique flaws, harmful to spinal structures, that encourage postural degeneration are exposed, addressed and countermanded to reestablish optimal function. Phase 1, 2 and 3 spinal rehabilitation, stabilization and strength exercises are demonstrated, with variations and detailed technical cues.

Program Design

Exercise is like a drug; given in the right quantities at the right time, it can help a person. In the wrong quantities at the wrong time it can hurt the same person. A key skill for any fitness professional is being able to design individualized exercise programs that will lead to optimal performance for all types of clients; this correspondence course is designed to teach you to do just that! You will learn how to combine and manipulate acute exercise variables; not just reps and sets, but also loads, tempo and rest periods. Periodization concepts are covered and case histories are used as illustrations, bringing real-life examples to help you understand these critical factors. Move far beyond the “one-program-fits-all” approach and develop an in-depth understanding of how to use the science of selecting acute exercise variables to create effective programs for all your clients.

Advanced Program Design

Learn to design the world’s most effective corrective and performance exercise programs in this empowering course. Based upon Paul Chek’s two-day seminar, Advanced Program Design will stretch your mind to reach beyond the usual components that make up an average program. You will learn Paul Chek’s Primal Pattern® Movement system for biomechanical assessment and exercise selection; a comprehensive system for rating core conditioning requirements; how to rate and prioritize bio-motor abilities and how to periodize a program based on exercise and medical history. Having covered these seldom considered but critical aspects of program design, you will learn to build base and specific conditioning programs for everyone from the injured worker to elite athletes. This course is intended for the experienced exercise and rehabilitation professional with a serious desire to develop the best possible conditioning programs.

Healing Fungal & Parasite Infections

This course teaches Paul Chek’s holistic and comprehensive approach to overcoming problems caused by fungal and parasite infections.

Are you plagued by strange symptoms, unexplained fatigue, skin irritations and food cravings? You may well have a parasite or fungal infection! Paul will show you how you can heal yourself from such issues using his “from the ground up” approach, creating health, wellness and vitality.

Primal Pattern® Movements

Today, despite the fact that we have more medical, sports and exercise technology and more doctors per capita than ever in history, we have more orthopedic injuries in almost every category recorded! It doesn’t have to be that way. Paul Chek shares his unique approach to preventing orthopedic injury and improving performance through nutrition and optimal motor engram programming.

Scientific Shoulder Training

Guided by Paul Chek and physical therapist, Suzi Nevell, you will gain a deep understanding of the interactive anatomy of the shoulder that will enable you to develop functional shoulder exercise programs that improve performance and decrease the risk of injury and chronic shoulder problems. Using the Chek Success Formula you will learn how to assess the shoulder complex, select the best exercises for each individual client and design programs for all phases of conditioning. Instruction of correct techniques for common shoulder conditioning exercises is covered in depth, plus corrective exercises, mobilizations and explosive training to enhance your exercise programs for all levels of patients, clients and athletes.


Can you share CHEK Correspondence Courses?

If two or more people wish to take a course and share one set of DVDs, we have a special program for you!

Purchase the first course at the regular price (complete with manual and DVDs), and get 50% off the regular price for all additional students (one manual provided per student). We recommend no more than 10 people to share one set of DVDs to ensure the best learning experience. There is no limit on when the extra manuals can be purchased. Designed especially for gyms wishing to train staff or friends wanting to study together.