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You Are What You Eat Audio Program

This informal discussion with Paul Chek highlights issues to consider when selecting the foods we consume. As Paul points out, our bodies replace millions of cells each day, as our tissues turn over continually. These new cells are made out of the building blocks that come from our food and drink. Do you want your bones, muscles, eyes and hair to be made from low quality fast food or nutritious organic produce?

Paul talks about these ideas and more in this informative and entertaining audio program. He discusses research, uncovers controversies and provides suggestions on the following areas:

  • Organic vs. commercially raised foods
  • Cooked food vs. raw food
  • Food processing and food storage (click link for article excerpt)
  • Food packaging
  • Genetically modified foods
  • Food irradiation
  • Fiber, colon health and detoxification
  • The pros and cons of grains
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy
  • Animal products, eggs and seafood
  • Fats and oils
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Microwave ovens

The program comes with 8 audio CDs and a PDF manual on a separate CD-ROM. The manual shows you how to highlight action items for yourself, and has a comprehensive list of references and useful resources.  Click here for more information or purchase –>

Scientific Balance Training Audio CD

Balance training is one of the latest crazes to hit gyms, but are people training correctly? In this presentation, Paul Chek shows you that there is much more to balance training than meets the eye and much like a mal-prescribed drug, can have dire consequences to the person taking it. An ill-prescribed balance training program can do far more harm than good. You will learn about segmental and gross stability, mobility and inner unit stiffness. Understand how development of the inner and outer units affects balance, and how to develop a balance training program. Learn why balance training is not as easy as simply putting someone on a balance board or foam roller, and why you need to learn the science behind it to make it work for you.  Click here for more information or purchase –>

Better Butt – Better Back Audio CD

Hear Paul Chek explain the vital interaction of the gluteal muscles with the torso and extremities, showing the different systems that act on the body. These relationships are crucial for improved functional capacity and decreased spinal stress. Learn assessments for the lumbo-pelvic region, effective stretches, plus functional exercises to improve performance and enhance esthetics.  Click here for more information or purchase –>

Functional Stability Audio CD

From office workers to professional athletes, developing and maintaining optimal stability is crucial for everyone’s health and ability to function. To help you understand this essential concept Paul Chek explains the meaning of functional stability. He provides examples of common instabilities and addresses the source of this type of dysfunction. The concepts of “dynamic” and “static” stability are presented along with the importance of posture and exercise selection for injury prevention and optimum functional stability.  Click here for more information or purchase –>

Controversy and Current Concepts of Pulling Exercises Audio CD

One of Paul Chek’s most popular presentations, this lecture has been fully revised and updated with current research. Pulling exercises such as the deadlift, low row, lat. pull-down, and bent-over row can cause injury to back, necks and shoulders if not performed correctly. Yet all too often there is a lack of technical expertise in administering these exercises. Paul presents the biomechanical, kinesiological, kinematic and neurophysiological foundations behind the technical guidelines for these exercises. Learn why a behind the head lat. pull-down places extreme stress on the cervical spine and shoulder. Understand how to assess proper muscle recruitment during rowing exercises. Tips on grip selection and sequencing, wrist strap considerations and breathing will also be given.  Click here for more information or purchase –>

Scientific Rotation Training Audio CD

Since no human movement is truly linear, rotational training is essential for successful sports performance, rehabilitation and general conditioning. Paul will explain why rotational training is vital for optimal functioning and show how to assess and improve rotational stabilization through different segments of the body. Learn how to improve rotational strength and force generation for throwing, plus exercises progressing from isolation to integration  Click here for more information or purchase –>

Squatology Audio CD

Everybody should squat! If you sit, you should squat; if you drive a car, you should squat; if you use the toilet, you should squat! Squatting may be man’s most primitive movement pattern, and it is an inseparable part of life and sports. Yet many instructors, trainers, athletes and exercise enthusiasts avoid this key exercise for fear of back injury. In this highly informative lecture, Paul Chek explains the science of squatting without injury. Paul will demonstrate how the squat can be used as a powerful functional assessment tool for your clients and serious athletes. Identify joint restrictions in the ankle, knee and hip plus muscle imbalances that detract from squat performance, and frequently cause low back pain. Click here for more information or purchase –>

Back Strong and Beltless Audio CD

More people suffer from back pain than any other orthopedic injury, leading to extensive use of back corsets and weight belts for the proposed prevention and treatment of back injury. In this lecture, Paul Chek presents strong anatomical evidence to support his position on the use of belts and corsets: “If you need a corset, don’t buy one, BUILD ONE.” You’ll learn why many people can lift more with back belts and weight belts, and why they are likely to accelerate the rate of spinal structure degeneration with these aids. Paul describes when to use these supports and how to wean them away from those who have become dependent upon them. See how the back is heavily dependent upon the upper and lower extremities, neck and core for optimal function and that focusing on the back is the first mistake made in rehab programs worldwide!  Click here for more information or purchase –>

Functional Exercise from the Inside Out Audio CD

What is “functional” exercise? The term itself is vague and subjective. In this lecture, you’ll learn to determine how functional an exercise is by helping you understand the various systems of the body, and how they work together. Paul covers the key control systems of the body and the roles of the inner and outer units.  Click here for more information or purchase –>