HLC 1 Online: Professional Edition

Increase vitality, decrease stress and sculpt the body of your dreams using Paul Chek’s powerful and intuitive holistic approach to well-being. The Professional’s Edition of this class is tailored to health professionals, and you will learn specific tools and techniques to teach what you’ve learned to your clients, helping them to achieve the long term results they’ve been looking for.



The CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2 course builds upon the foundational principles covered in HLC 1, teaching you how to apply these with clients and patients. You will also learn Paul Chek’s HLC principles of coaching; essential for a successful Health and Lifestyle coaching practice. You will be guided to fully understand and apply the rationale behind physical and metaphysical assessment, wellness program design strategies, as well as the finer points of coaching for long-term lifestyle changes.

Prerequisites for this course are completion of CHEK HLC 1 and Program Design elearning course.

CHEK Lifestyle eLearning Courses

Learn how to reduce stress, improve your diet and combat fungal and parasite infections. In the near future we will be adding to this category, but for now, you can learn from Paul’s Healing Fungal & Parasite Infections.

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The most comprehensive holistic course on Golf Conditioning anywhere! Learn how to assess, design programs and execute exercises with correct form every time – all with an eye towards improving the golfers performance on the course. You’ll also improve their general health and fitness at the same time! GPS Online is ideal for Golf Professionals looking for an edge on their competitors and Fitness Professionals looking to expand their business.

CHEK Fitness eLearning Courses

From Scientific Core Conditioning to Advanced Program Design our e-learning platform offers immediate online access to 13 of our correspondence courses! In the future, we’ll be adding more courses including Scientific Stretching and The Upper Extremities.

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PPS Success Mastery Program

Discovering and pursuing your life’s dreams – your legacy – is the most empowering, liberating and rewarding experience you can have. The effects are profound – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The Personal ~ Professional ~ Spiritual Success Mastery Program is designed to help you do just that – realize your life’s dream.