CHEK Institute

CHEK Institute

Work Out with Paul Chek and Mike Salemi!

We are excited to present TWO unique kettlebell circuits created by Paul and Mike.

The Most Creative Kettlebell Circuits You’ll Ever Do!

Join Paul and Mike as they guide you through one circuit of 4 multi-planar, multi-pattern kettlebell movements, and a second circuit of 4 kettlebell movements with a surprise movement at the end.

Throughout both circuits, Paul and Mike perform different variants of the patterns, so you’ll be able to ramp up or step down the difficulty of the circuit to meet your needs and skill level. They’ll also add a little more excitement to your training and give you a glimpse into the potential of the kettlebell.

Paul also explains the technique called “odd lifting” and how you can incorporate that into the circuit as well.

And what makes these creative circuits?