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Work Out with Paul Chek and Mike Salemi!

We are excited to present TWO unique kettlebell circuits created by Paul and Mike.

The Most Creative Kettlebell Circuits You’ll Ever Do!

Join Paul and Mike as they guide you through one circuit of 4 multi-planar, multi-pattern kettlebell movements, and a second circuit of 4 kettlebell movements with a surprise movement at the end.

Throughout both circuits, Paul and Mike perform different variants of the patterns, so you’ll be able to ramp up or step down the difficulty of the circuit to meet your needs and skill level. They’ll also add a little more excitement to your training and give you a glimpse into the potential of the kettlebell.

Paul also explains the technique called “odd lifting” and how you can incorporate that into the circuit as well.

And what makes these creative circuits?

In the circuit #1, it’s not just the exercises or how they’ve been put together. This is a Paul Chek workout after all! So grab some colored pencils/markers or whatever you have available along with some paper and get ready to create a Mandala during your rest period.

In circuit #2, Paul incorporates a work-in exercise to improve recovery between sets. This circuit puts on full display how powerful and effective a blending of work-in and work-out movements can be.

What’s the point of the art in circuit #1? Nothing more than play! It’s a chance to let your inner kid out, give your brain a break and enjoy yourself. You’ll be amazed at how it can transform your workout.

Here’s what you’ll be doing in the circuit:

  • Lunge variation with a press
  • Bent over row with reciprocity
  • Swiss Ball drop and recover or a Double Bottoms Up Swiss Ball press
  • High Pulls – Single Arm or Double Arm High Pulls

Finish the circuit 4 times with Paul and Mike and you’re done! The workout is fun, challenging and like we said, unique, so give it a go!

Why add a work-in movement to circuit #2? The work-in movement is a zone 4 chakra exercise that stimulates parasympathetic nervous system to enhance your recovery. It has a deep calming and balancing effect on the body, and helps you shift quickly to an anabolic state.

Here’s what you’ll be doing in the circuit:

  • Double kettlebell Jump Shrug
  • Single kettlebell cross body swing
  • Side to side push-up
  • Double kettlebell curl

Complete the circuit 3 times with Paul and Mike and you’ll have a fantastic workout while harmonizing your biological oscillators, your brain, heart and gut. Remember, harmony = efficiency!

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