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Video Featuring Paul Chek discussing the world’s greatest weight belt and the importance of proper conditioning for the inner unit of the core

Pattern overload

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Pattern Overload – You can download and print this report on the phenomenon of pattern overload, how to recognize when an athlete may be susceptible and how you can write balanced exercise programs to avoid this.

Audio – Squatology

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Audio recording of Squatology lecture given by Paul Chek as a digital download so you can get listening straight away to the who’s, how’s, why’s and when’s of squatting with proper technique.

20 Assessments

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A complete article on the importance of getting enough sleep and working with out natural circadian cycles, taken from the best-selling book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!.I hope you’ll find this interesting and useful both for yourself as a busy manager or business owner, and as a resource for your staff.

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