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Free Online Course Reveals How to Attract a Flood of Your Ideal Clients in 60 Days or Less!

Are you tired of struggling day in, day out trying to bring new customers to your door? Then we have GREAT news for you! In this ground-breaking FREE training from the experts at GKIC, Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dee reveals how the secrets of “Magnetic Marketing” transformed his life from a constant struggle to find new customers to an onrushing flood of pre-qualified leads who can’t wait to hand over their hard-earned cash… and he’ll lay out exactly how you can do the same with your business!

In five easy steps, you’ll discover:

  • The “Unwelcome Truth” about how prospective clients see you and the steps you must take to overcome that perception
  • Three simple keys to successfully attracting clients on a repeatable, predictable basis using the principles of Magnetic Marketing.
  • How to capture your prospect’s attention with a single phrase so dynamically compelling they can’t stop themselves from dropping everything and calling you NOW!
  • The ONLY type of advertising you should use, regardless of the business you’re in.
  • The insanely successful lessons of the legendary “Giorgio Letters” that created a literal avalanche of customers for pennies on the cheap and a step-by-step description showing you exactly how to model them for YOUR business!
  • And much, much, much more!

This is a no obligation gift to you from the C.H.E.K Institute!

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Who Else Wants to Learn the Exact Formula to Achieve Any Financial Goal With Mathematical Certainty No Matter What Condition the Economy Is In?

This is a true story. This is not fiction. This is not hype. This is not a story made up for commercial appeal. This is a true story of a remarkable man who started off in a position that, most probably, was worse off than where you are right now. But by just doing certain things in a certain way, riches came to him in abundance. Once you learn from this story, you will suddenly find that you can easily:

  • Guarantee wealth to flow abundantly into your life as the universe begins to provide all your needs
  • Eliminate the word failure from your life for good (Success will be the word most people use to describe you as they talk about you with admiration)
  • Have complete control over your destiny and make your prosperous achievements entirely predictable
  • Eliminate any worry over financial matters for good (The result: A better lifestyle, more money in your bank account and deep appreciation from your loved ones)
  • Ignite passion in your life and relationships (no matter what kinds of difficulties you may have had in the past)!

Without this formula, your financial future will be a frustrating roller-coaster ride of hit-and-miss.

Find My Trainer

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Need Someone to Give You a Kick Up The Backside to Get Your Business Moving???

You’re probably very good at what you do – seeing as you are reading the C.H.E.K Institute website! But is your business doing what you do for your clients – making you (financially) fitter, stronger, healthier and free from aches and pains? Are you struggling with the “business” side of things? Or perhaps you know what needs to be done, but have a hard time actually getting to it!

Then you need to read this letter from the President of NPE, Sean Greeley and discover how he has helped others achieve remarkable success in their fitness businesses – and he can help you to. Click here to read more.

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7 Steps to a Complete Small Business Sales and Marketing Plan

For many small business owners, the day-to-day demands of their business distract from bigger picture growth goals. Tasks like “call this customer” and “email that estimate” take attention away from the strategies that can help your business thrive.

This guide, created with the input of thousands of successful entrepreneurs, will help small businesses just like yours discover how to build a complete sales and marketing plan that will help you attract new leads, convert more of them into customers, build a booming referral business and save you massive amounts of time.

What’s Inside
In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn seven successful strategies for:

  • Capturing, nurturing and converting leads
  • Increasing conversions with highly targeted communications
  • Saving time and money with marketing automation
  • Creating lifelong fans that advocate for your brand
  • So much more

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The sooner you get started, the sooner you can reap the rewards. Download your free guide today and get ready to transform your business with these proven marketing strategies.


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