X-iser® Machine

The X-iser® Machine is a versatile device designed for Sprint Interval Training (SIT).  It promotes correct posture, core strength and balance, all without impact.


Unlike traditional steppers, The X-iser®, with patented technology and over 30 years of research behind it, is the only variable resistance SIT stepper that allows the machine to respond to each person’s ability.

The X-iser® is also extremely versatile allowing for unique exercises that work both the upper and lower body as well as one’s core.

Using a specific technique, sprinting on the machine eliminates the recovery cycle found with traditional stepping, which translates to the legs working on both the up and down stroke of the stepping motion.

In turn, high levels of intensity are easily attained and the performance gains are impressive. Simply put, The X-iser® brings SIT to you in a sleek, easy-to-use package that is safe and effective for all ages and abilities.

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Hitechplates is changing the future in lightweight standard sized plates.  Finally, you can train from the floor with a light enough weight that allows you to focus on your technique without damage from being dropped.

Picture of large weights

If you are a youngster, a novice, senior, or master lifter, or perhaps in rehabilitation, these plates are made for you.

• Rugged one piece solid construction deemed unbreakable on the platform
• Competition size and shape. 17 1/2″ diameter & 2″ center hole
– all competition bars
• Fits the bar snugly with no wobble
• Slides on and off bar smoothly
• Coach & lifter can focus on technique not damaging the plates
• Available in both pounds and kilograms
• Never needs painting
• Will not rust
• Less expensive than the typical technique plate
• Environmentally friendly. ‘Green’ Made from recycled materials
•  Sold only in Pairs

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