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Paul Chek and the CHEK Institute are thrilled to offer you a free copy of our Healthy Core Cycle Checklist!

Healthy Core Cycle Checklist

Your core is everything!

If you don’t have a healthy, functional core, it doesn’t matter what your health goals are – breaking your PR in the marathon, recovering from an injury, regaining your shape after a pregnancy – it simply isn’t going to happen, and especially not in any long-term way.

The Healthy Core Cycle checklist is designed to help you remove common sources of gut inflammation, maximize the rest you need, and choose the right starter exercise to help you build a fit, functional and aesthetically pleasing core.

This simple and handy checklist, will:

  • Address common diet, rest, and work-life balance stresses that cause gut inflammation
  • Assess your current core function
  • Prescribe simple, effective exercises to build your core
  • Prioritize your plan of attack to address the most important lifestyle factors 

If you’re a fitness professional, the checklist will be a great resource and guide for your clients. When they follow the checklist, not only will they achieve a healthy core, but they’ll look and feel better, and have so much more energy. They will definitely thank you for the resource!

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C.H.E.K Institute Healthy Core Cycle Checklist
C.H.E.K Institute Healthy Core Checklist

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