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Discover Your Power Animals & Spirit Guides


Connection to the Nature Spirit World

Live Workshops with Paul Chek and Angie Chek

February 3-4, 2018  |  Carlsbad, CA


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2018/02/02 23:59:59

Are You Seeking to Open Yourself To The Universe Of Wisdom and Guidance Within?

Do you feel alone in a sea of activity and information even though you have loads of friends on FaceBook, dozens of self-help books and follow your favorite gurus on YouTube every day?

Have you experienced a craving for something deeper – a spiritual connection – but are unsure where to find this?

Are you finding it hard to heal from painful experiences you’ve lived through or are you experiencing challenges in your relationship with yourself or others?

Perhaps you are not sure in what direction you want to go in life – you have yet to find your dream and are feeling lost.

Are you an exercise or allied healthcare professional who has a strong desire to help your clients and patients on a deeper level? Are you seeking the tools to get behind the words and social gestures to help them find the core issues that block their ability for progressive growth and development?

Or maybe you simply enjoy spiritual development, and would love to learn more methods of growing yourself spiritually from a mentor with significant life-practice and well-developed skills.

These Workshops Are For You!

If you identify with one or more of these scenarios, this weekend of workshops – Paul Chek’s Discover Your Power Animals & Spirit Guides and Angie Chek’s Connection to the Nature Spirit Worldare for you!

Saturday February 3rd

Discover Your Power Animals & Spirit Guides

with Paul Chek


Includes 4 online preparatory lessons

Sunday February 4th

Connection to the Nature Spirit World

with Angie Chek


Includes 4 online preparatory lessons

Attend BOTH Workshops and

Save $100!


Includes 4 online preparatory lessons

What Are Power Animals and Spirit Guides?

Power animals and spirit guides may seem like pretty far out concepts for those who have not experienced them directly. In actual fact, they are not that mysterious! Power animals and spirit guides are ways of relating to nature and higher consciousness. They are archetypes or original concepts, and historical evidence suggests that human beings have been engaging power animals and spirit guides since shamanism, mythology and religion began.

The Persian poet, Rumi says: God sleeps in the minerals, dreams in the plants, moves in the animals, and realizes himself in man. Cats, dogs and other animals are often spooked by the entities sometimes referred to as ghosts, so why should humans be unable to connect to conscious entities existing outside the sphere of our ordinary senses.

When you consider the fact that our DNA has been shown to have marked similarities with lower creatures like flies and earthworms, as well as plants, trees and much more, it is not unlikely for us to be capable of communicating with the consciousness of the earth, plants or other animal spirit-souls. Spirit is the animating principle. Soul is the conscious element which feels and knows within each embodied being.

Paul Chek’s free introductory video lesson gives you a much more comprehensive explanation of Power Animals and Spirit Guides, so enter your contact details below to watch and enjoy.

What You’ll Experience At The Workshops

Discover Your Power Animals & Spirit Guides
with Paul Chek – February 3rd

During the Saturday workshop, Paul will lead you through:

  • An Opening Ceremony/Prayer.

  • Energization and relaxation exercises to balance and integrate you in preparation for deeper inner-work.

  • Breathing practices to balance your autonomic nervous system and facilitate higher consciousness and activate your inner-vision.

  • A shamanic journey to meet your power animals.

  • A journey to the Upper World to meet up to four spirit guides and receive a gift from each of them.

  • A Closing Ceremony.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to work with your power animals and your spirit guides to heal, learn, grow, and become more enlightened.

  • How to work withto heal, learn, grow, and become more enlightened.

  • Using essential oils and flower essences to help open your third eye and inner-perception.


Connection to the Nature Spirit World with Angie Chek – February 4th

The Sunday workshop is a very special event with Angie. You’ll experience:

  • Drumming, rattling, chanting and singing – techniques used by indigenous people to strengthen their connection to the Spirit World and to eliminate pain in one’s body.

  • A simple ancient technique, to help you into a trance-like state where you will have better access to your intuition, the door to your extra sensory senses.

  • Divination in nature to receive messages from nature.

  • Creating symbolic messages from pieces of nature and using these in an oracle reading.

  • Closing the Circle.

During both workshops there will also be time for sharing experiences with other participants, recording your experiences in your journal and Q&A with Paul and Angie.

Online Preparatory Course Included with Your Registration

All workshop attendees also receive access to Paul Chek’s exclusive online 4-lesson course with their registration, to help them prepare for the workshops. This is an extra 4+ hours of bonus content that is only available to workshop attendees! Lesson 1 (90 minutes) can be watched online for free – simply request access by filling in the box above.

Lesson 2:

  • Explore how CONSCIOUSNESS expresses itself in and as Creation as a basis for understanding what Power Animals and Spirit Guides are, and how we can access them. Understand the difference between CONSCIOUSNESS and “conscious of”.

Lesson 3:

  • Overview of the dimensions of consciousness and The Three Worlds in shamanism and other traditions.

Lesson 4:

  • Understanding the psyche as essential to understanding how we can experience and work with Power Animals and Spirit Guides.

Lesson 5:

  • Look at the variety of ways the human psyche can interact with power animals and spirit guides for healing and spiritual development.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Paul to discover my power animal and spirit guides. I feel that understanding my power animal shed light on who and what I represent in this lifetime. The discovery was one step closer into my own self realization. My awareness of my spirit guides was very powerful because it gave me confidence that I always have love and support with me. I have a trusting source to lean on when I am in conflict or in doubt with my life. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in their own growth process.”
– Ashley Mazurek, Tampa, FL
“I met Angie when she taught CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2. As a coach, she helped me open up my wounds to show me what I needed to work on. I found that I was suffering from unresolved issues that my mother displaced on me. This suffering has lasted my entire 34 years of life. Angie told me she did shamanic work and would love to help. So I went in for a soul and spirit animal retrieval. Shamanic work is hard to explain, so let me just say that after 1 month, the pain in the relationship with my mother was alleviated. And so, with that weight off my shoulders, I can say that I now no longer suffer with my mother. Thanks, Angie!
Tycho Bergquist, Oakland, CA
“When Paul guided us through a Power Animal retrieval, I found myself in the presence of beautiful, majestic tiger. This powerful creature almost instantly resonated with me and gave me the realisation that his orange stripes symbolised 2nd chakra energies and that the black and white stripes represented the balance – and dance – of yin and yang, to create his beauty and majesty. To help connect to and embed the experience of meeting the tiger, I subsequently sketched an image of him on black paper, with orange and white pastels. I took a picture of him and keep it as my screensaver on my iPhone so that I have a perpetual reminder of his strength and presence in my life.”

– Matthew Wallden, Surrey, UK

“I booked Angie initially to help me restore strength in my body after a viral infection. I had no idea that she was a shaman. I was rather septic about shamanic work but I trusted Angie and let her work on me. We shifted some rather unusual symptoms left after the virus. I have been amazed by the results we have obtained. Angie is a very powerful shaman! Anne UK”
– Anne, UK
“Having studied mysticism, metaphysical and esoteric works for over 25 years I have learnt many practices and skills for spiritual growth. [Working with] Paul Chek to learn how to connect with and identify my power animals and spirit guides has allowed me even greater connection to the spirit world! Being able to identify my power animals answered so many questions about my characteristics, whilst learning who my spirit guides are and knowing how to communicate with them has given my a great clarity in my personal journeys as well as aided my intuition with clients”

– Warren Williams, London, UK

“Paul and Angie Chek are amazing mentors of mine. I know I can always trust their advice on health and life in general. When my grandfather passed away I was concerned that something needed to be released before he can go peacefully to where he was meant to go. I took a shamanic session with Angie and I gained a lot of relief knowing that he said he was okay and to not worry about him. Shamanism is a great tool to become the greatest version of yourself.”
– Nick Koutroumanis, Quebec, Canada

Paul Chek on Power Animals and Spirit Guides

Though many are resistant to the idea that power animals or spirit guides are real, I can have empathy for them. Before I immersed myself deeply into my meditation and tai-chi practices, I’d studied power animals, spirit guides, and angels because I had known so many people that had experienced them; though I had developed a solid intellectual understanding of such entities, I had not seen them myself. After a year of committed daily tai-chi and meditation, my perceptual abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience) began to open, and a world of amazing experiences began.

To illustrate one such experience, many years ago I was touring Europe and the UK teaching, and was staying with our UK distributor, Alex, at her home. I was upstairs reading on the couch in her living room, and her dog was lying on the floor next to me. Suddenly, I felt something moving toward me and looked up. In my inner-vision, I saw a house cat walk right through the closed window and jump right across the couch onto the floor where the dog was laying.

Alex’s dog got up instantly and began chasing the cat through the house barking and trying desperately to catch it. Alex was yelling at the dog, telling it to stop and to calm down. I walked down the stairs to Alex and told her what I’d just seen happen. She was blown away…and informed me that since she’d moved into this house, her dog would go on these wild chases all around the house frantically cashing nothing! She now understood what was going on. It is very likely that this cat had lived and died in her house before she moved in, and as far as the cat was concerned, the dog was in its house!

Since the time that my perceptual abilities began widening, I’ve had many experiences of working with patients, clients, and students and seeing various animal spirits in their aura (energy field). Often, when I’d inform them that I was seeing an animal in their field, and tell them what animal it was, they would explain that this was their favorite animal and tell me all sorts of stories about their relationship with that animal, and how it had helped them in their life. Sometimes they were surprised because they either didn’t like that animal (which can also be an insect), or had had bad experiences with it.

Though they didn’t know the animal (or animals) was with them, once they did know, I could teach them how to access it/them in their inner-vision. Such relationships have enhanced the lives of many people I’ve worked with in my career. Many of them found that their Power Animal was an animal they had a phobia with (such as spiders), or a bad experience with, and that through their newfound relationship, realized their Power Animal had come to teach them something essential to their life path – their power animal was there to help them heal.

There are many different forms of spirit guides, and I have worked with too many to mention here at this point in my life. Most spirit guides are people that have evolved out of the earth plane into higher dimensions (and live in the astral or mental planes of energetic reality), or are people in the afterlife that have a strong connection to, or love for the individuals they work with here on earth.

Through my years of conducting healing ceremonies for my patients, clients, students, and friends, I’ve had many spirit guides arrive at the beginning of the healing session after the opening prayer. Most of them are people who worked as healers or shaman in their previous lifetime(s), and out of love responded to my request for help. To my amazement, they would guide me in a variety of techniques I’d never used before. I would simply relax, and let them direct me. They would suggest what tools to use, how to use them, what songs to rattle or drum and sometimes even gave me the words to sing.

Sometimes, deceased family members would arrive and give me key information I needed to understand what was going on with a client at the root level; because the triggering events were often in their unconscious, or were blocked by trauma, they were unable to tell me directly. Sometimes, people were in shock that someone like a grandparent had come to help them, but couldn’t believe it; they thought maybe I was trying to trick them. In such cases, I would ask for information about their relationship I could have no knowledge of and convey that information to them…they knew I was not playing with them then!



I’d also studied a lot about angels because they were such an intrinsic part of many religions, and I’d met quite a number of people who claimed to have seen and interacted with angels. I always kept myself open to the possibility of meeting an angel or angels because I found the concept so fascinating.

I have had several profound experiences of angels coming to assist in healing sessions. The first occurred when I was working with a woman whose life had been filled with scary, painful, invasive experiences since she was a child. She was quite tangled within herself and unable to relax, or loose weight after a seemingly endless string of attempts. I began the healing session with an opening prayer, and as I always do, I called forth any healing spirits or guides willing to come to support this woman out of love and compassion for her. As I was working with her energy field, I felt a very strong shift in the energy of the room. Suddenly, above us there was a whole chorus of small, childlike angels, all playing musical instruments.

I was so shocked that it nearly took my breath away.

This particular healing session was in the presence of some students, and the instant we closed the healing, three women came over to me with tears in their eyes saying, “Paul, DID YOU SEE THAT! DID YOU SEE ALL THOSE ANGELS CIRCLING ABOVE PLAYING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS!!” When I told them that indeed I had, and that I could hear their music, they were all so grateful because they thought maybe they were going nuts!

If you would like a more comprehensive explanation of Power Animals and Spirit Guides, please fill out the form to immediately access Paul’s free video lesson What Are Power Animals and Spirit Guides?

All About the Workshops

Workshop Cost

  • Discover Your Power Animals & Spirit Guides – US$498
  • Connection to the Nature Spirit World – US$498
  • Save $100 when you register for both workshops! US$898 for both days

On-site Registration
Saturday 3rd February 9:00am and Sunday 4th February 9:00am

Workshop Times

  • Discover Your Power Animals & Spirit Guides – Saturday 3rd February 9:30am – 5:00pm
  • Connection to the Nature Spirit World – Sunday 4th February 9:30am – 5:00pm

Times are approximate and may change during the workshop. If you are traveling from out of town (or state or country) we recommend you arrive in San Diego on Friday 2nd February and do not leave until late on Sunday 4th or Monday 5th February to ensure you do not miss any of the workshop. Also, we recommend you do not schedule any activities in the early evening on Saturday, as the class may run longer than 5:00pm, depending on the flow and the instructor.

What You Should Bring:

  • Wear clothing made of all natural fabric such as cotton, silk, wool, linen, hemp. Try to avoid as much synthetic clothing as possible.
  • An extra pair of socks
  • A yoga or stretching mat or a blanket made of natural fibers.
  • A small hand drum or rattle if you have one.
  • A journal or notebook that means something special to you.
  • Pens, pencils or other drawing tools.

Cost includes:

  • Live workshop with Paul Chek and / or Angie Chek
  • Access to preparatory online lessons before the workshop

Not Included:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Meals and beverages during the workshop

Venue, Hotel and Transportation Suggestions


C.H.E.K Institute, 3145 Tiger Run Court, Suite 101, Carlsbad, CA 92010

Closest Hotels

  • Holiday Inn Carlsbad, 2725 Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92009
  • Staybridge Suites,

Closest Airports

  • San Diego International Airport (35 miles south)
  • John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana (58 miles north)

You are responsible for any bookings for hotels or transportation.

Paul Chek

Paul Chek is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of holistic health, corrective exercise and high-performance conditioning. For over thirty years, Paul’s unique, holistic approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of countless people worldwide, many of his clients, his students and their clients. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, Paul has been successful where traditional approaches have consistently failed. Paul is the founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute, based in California, USA and the P~P~S Success Mastery Coaching Program.

Paul is a Native American Medicine Man – Spirit Guide (and member of the Native American Council). He has worked with many power animals and spirit guides for his own conscious growth and development, and has helped many of his students and clients find their own and work with them.

Angie Chek


Angie Chek is a highly skilled shaman and graduate of Michael Harner’s 3-year advanced training program for shaman at the Foundation For Shamanic Studies. She has extensive experience working with her own power animals and spirit guides, as well as guiding clients through challenges and to resolution of emotional traumas. Here is a message from Angie:

“Being in nature and connecting to nature spirits will bring you a deeper sense of connection to life.

When I first learned that nature and animals bring you messages, I thought it was a bit weird and silly.  After all, plants and animals are around all the time, right? But then you realize that they only show up into your awareness when they are trying to communicate something to you.

When connecting to animals, you will discover that they each have a different message that can guide you through your day.

For example, when I hear an owl cry I know that I will have a challenging situation arise.  But I find comfort knowing that one of my animal guides came to warn me and in its own way, lets me know that things will be ok.

Another example is when I see a squirrel connect with me.  This is another heads up reminder that I need to stop spending money and start saving.  Squirrel always shows up when a big expense is coming up.  When I listen to squirrel I am prepared for the expense and not shocked when I need to spend the money.

In fact, by doing regular tai chi and meditation, your energy becomes more harmonious and attractive to nature spirits.  I remember one time leaving home for a few weeks to teach in the UK.  When I got back, I decided to take my dog, Maggie, out for a walk on the golf course to help ground me after a long flight.  When I am home, Maggie and I take this walk daily.   After being gone, I found that the birds in the area were happy to see us back!  We were quickly surrounded by a bunch of birds that were swarming over our heads on the trail.  They would stop at a near by tree and sing and then would continue over our heads to the next tree and sing again to us.  After first I thought it was just a coincidence but when we turned around to go home, they followed us back too!  I hate to admit it but I felt like Snow White!

But animals aren’t the only living things trying to give you messages.  Plants, trees, rocks, and all things found in nature will send you messages.   Once you start connecting and letting nature know that you are listening, you will be surprised how much nature likes to talk to you!  For example, you might get hit over the head by a pinecone, or trip over a rock, or get stuck by a thorn bush.  You might think these things were just annoying things that happened to you while enjoying the great outdoors, but perhaps you just weren’t aware that there was a deeper message, a reason, these things happened to you?

Nature spirits can help you with pressing issues in your life.  I will teach you how to ask questions and get answers from the local vegetation around you, including the rocks, the soil, the wind, and the clouds.

During our one day workshop, I will be helping you hone in on your skills to connect to nature and find the messages that are being given to you.  Open your senses and get ready to listen and learn!

Terms and Conditions for Discover Your Power Animals & Spirit Guides and Connection to the Nature Spirit World Workshops

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